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NOTE - all descriptions and images are the work of the lister, and Treadleon takes no responsibility for inaccuracies..
Do your own research, please.. Most people here are pretty knowledgeable..

For sale for $250
Eldredge Two Spool

comes with a box of attachments and a photocopy of the manual.
Was originally bought from Kate Triplette who molded new drawer pulls and did some veneer work on it.

More pictures available on request.
I will be traveling from BC to AZ in January so could meet at a rest stop along the I-5.

Judy Priestley
(Posted 18th October 2017)


1869 Wheeler Wilson Treadle Machine

Horizontal Feed
Serial #137833
Extra glass feet and several attachments
All moving parts appear to work, but it will need a belt.
I never got around to servicing this machine, so I have NOT had it stitching.
Feel free to contact me for additional information or pictures.
Asking $275

Donnita in Charleston, SC (possible pony available to Nashville, TN) or text 843-696-1956
(Posted 18th October 2017)


1 intact tassel drawer pull for a White Mount Vernon SM cabinet.
One of mine broke off during a move.
Swap for something on your wish-list?

Thank you!
Cathy in Akron, Ohio
(Posted 21st September 2017)


A Famous Buttonhole Worker that is for some unknown machine but most likely to be a National Rotary or National Two-Spool. I have posted numerous photos of the set:

Examine the photos and proceed as per your best judgement as to whether this meets your desire, as I do not want to have it returned. NO Returns. :-)

BTW, this unit is not the same as the Famous "C" that fits my Singer 66 - this crank arm is shorter.

This can be yours, all as shown, for $20 which includes shipping in the USA contiguous 48 states.

Contact Sharon Wyper
(Posted 25th July 2017)

For Sale: Singer 12 treadle

1874 Singer 12, box top, two drawer cabinet.
Attachments, needles (Boye 23), manual copy and bobbins. Rather plain machine but sews very well. $100

Pictures of the machine at

Tina in Ray Twp, MI
(Posted 1st May 2017; revised 3rd May as one of the original pair was sold)

Wanted for Singer 411G:

(1) Flip up cover for cam area - it has the stitch diagrams on the bottom and the spool pin on the top
I hope someone has a parts machine they are willing to share!
Kelly in PA
(Reposted and updated 20th January 2017)

I am looking

for a lower right hand drawer for my White Family Rotary treadle machine as shown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,
Laurann Taylor
TEXT ONLY: 208.867.7115
(Posted 19th January 2017)

Hi. I am looking to buy

a user manual for an AB Howe Treadle machine.

Thank You
Kay Smith

(Posted 1st December 2016)

WANTED - three small parts for a Singer 12 treadle (1882):

1. The first thread guide, made of coiled wire. Looks like a small curled pigtail.
2. The long screw that holds the belt guard and bobbin winder to the machine on the right front.
3. One wing nut to hold the machine to the treadle cabinet.

If you have any of these parts for sale, please contact Linda Aderhold: or
651-278-5308(cell) or 651-905-9077(home)
if no answer, please leave a message
(Posted 16th November 2016)

Wanted: Singer Model 115

suitable for treadle operation (no case, motor, light, cords or foot control necessary).
Must be in decent condition and undamaged.
Vertical bobbin case mandatory.
Photos needed. If price is acceptable, shipping to zip 65721 will be necessary.
Trade in of very nice 1920s Singer Model 66 Red Eye is possible if desired but not mandatory.

Contact Bill in Missouri at
Bill Norwood
Ozark, Missouri
(Posted 12th November 2016)

Up For Adoption: Eldridge Improved Rotary #8 Treadle

This is a perfectly good treadle machine. Very nice in fact. Every time I've thought it's the next machine in line to be worked on, though, I've found another machine had jumped in front of it. Or, did the Eldridge duck further back in line?
Having studied this phenomenon for awhile now, I'm pretty sure it IS ducking and wants someone else to bring it back to life.
If you're that person, shoot me an email at for more info/photos.
PS: Can't ship but will happily work with a pony express or it's here in Jersey for pick up.

Katrene Johnson
Lebanon, New Jersey
(Posted 11th September 2016)


1. Singer 29 (any sub-model) leather patcher. Does not have to be working.
2. Boye 1906 Needle Case (first metal Boye case -- which only has a 1906 patent on it)
Please send me a picture, description, price, and location of the item.

Bill Grewe
Front Royal VA
(Posted 8th September 2016)

I have the following sewing machine manuals on CDs for sale.

There are 9 CDs total (some have more than one manual) and I will only sell then as a group.
Price is $20 plus shipping.
Contact if interested or for questions.
Manuals contained on the CDs are:
Singer 500-503 Service Manual
Singer 457 Stylist - has a password written on the CD label
Singer 900
Viking 21A Parts, Viking 21A Service, Viking 6000 Service, Viking 6570 IB
Singer 301, 401, 404, 500, 503 Instruction Manuals
Singer 319
Singer 756 and Davis Vertical Feed
Singer 758
Viking 6430

Bill Norwood
Ozark, Missouri

(Posted 21st August 2016)

I have a Singer Treadle

(needs belt) for sale. It has been in our family for 66 years. My great-grandmother bought it used for my mother who passed it on to me. I am moving out of the country soon and would like to find a new home for this beauty. I cannot ship, so is pickup only. Asking $300 OBO.

Barbara Carr
Cocoa Beach, FL USA
(Posted 20th August 2016)

Hello all

I really have to thin my herd, it's starting to overtake my basement :)
A lot of them are project ones that I was not able to get to.
I have photos of everything just contact me for them. None of the prices include shipping however I am willing to work with a pony express.
I can also meet people in Asheville, NC or Charlotte, NC for delivery - I could deliver some to the NC TOGA if needed. I'm also offering this as a lot.

Standard Treadle with head
The cabinet needs major work, the head runs free and looks nice. Comes with an extra head.

Singer straight-leg treadle no head
This on has the wooden legs not metal legs. The laminate is coming on in various places. Needs work.

Electric Singer Blue/Turquoise in color
3/4 sized machine. I was going to convert it to a hand crank since its so cute. The machine is in a table.

Two (2) White VS 2 heads
The heads are in decent condition but I don't really know what's there and what they might need. The were used for parts but they look pretty complete to me.

Singer 27 Head - Sphinx decals
Average condition, head turns freely.

Lot of: Singer 27 Heads - Sphinx decals
Three (3) heads in varying conditions. Some have the drive wheels some don't.
These are really mainly for parts orphan heads.
$60 for all 3

Singer 128 head
This 3/4 head is one of the "Dark Singers" that was blued instead of chromed. It also has a Centennial badge, it was manufactured in 1951. The finish is of the krinkled/gator variety. I have the original parts to it but I did change the solid wheel to a spoked wheel for hand cranking. It is missing from the front bobbin plate.

Singer 99 head only
This head is frozen. Needs work the decals are not great.

If someone is willing to take it all I'd sell it for

I'm also offering a Little Gracie II Machine Quilting frame
This quilting frame fits machine with up to a 16" throat. Works for Crib sized quilts and Queen sized ones. Includes the 4th rail option. I also have a set of fabric leaders to make attaching the quilt easy and fast. Comes with original manual and overview DVD.

It can conveniently fold for storage or transportation.

(From manufacturer) "The Little Gracie II is a smaller version of the GMQ-Pro home quilting system ... it turns your personal sewing machine into an affordable, user-friendly Quilting System."

For pick up I could meet in Asheville or Charlotte, NC.
I'm asking $650 for this quilting frame.

Call me at 828.625.2297 if you have any questions just ask for Danielle. Danielle
Near Asheville
(Posted 4th June 2016)


Belt for a childrens electric SewHandy.
Thread guides for a Singer 24-13
Hinges for a commercial Singer 16-141 (to attach the machine to the table so it can be tilted back).

Thank you.
Barbara Jones
(Posted 15th May 2016)

I have a very old treadle sewing machine Stamped "James Willcox Philadelphia"

on inside bottom rung of both legs of the stand.
"Patented June 1, 1858" on outside bottom rung of both legs.
"Patented Dec 15 1857" on the outside of the large wheel.
Has original coffin lid. Drawer is missing, Also missing is the rubber band.
(Ed note - I think she means the treadle belt, these are usually leather)
Plate is a bit rusted so not possible to read. This is the design of an original Willcox and Gibbs machine but it has only the signature floral design and no name on the machine itself plus no W & G medallion.

It is clearly a Willcox and Gibbs-style but without that signature.
I could not figure out how to search the US Patent Office to find a Willcox patent, but perhaps someone else could figure it out. I believe this may be an original model before Willcox and Gibbs started manufacturing in 1858, in which case it is a collector's item. I am happy to take more photos if that would be helpful.

I am asking $400 or best offer and am near Boston.

I don't think it could be easily shipped.
(Reposted and amended 28th March 2016)

For sale: a wooden pitman arm from a Singer 12 parlor cabinet

I am trashing this (someone had left it in the rain for over a year)
It has its wheel/pedal and pitman in good shape. I would like $10.00 for the arm plus postage . I am willing (as I rarely am) to sell internationally.

Gail Gammell
Utah, USA
(Posted 13th February 2016)

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