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Glossary of Commonly Used Abbreviations and Terms in Treadleonia

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TreadleOnions tend to use all manner of odd abbreviations, terms, and in-jokes.. Some explained here (and contributions welcomed, to, please)

  • Back-clamper - Singer made the early 66 class machine (66-1) with a back-attaching foot. These were never repeated on other models and some types of feet are not available for them. It's possible to convert these to side-clampers (see HERE for details) or you can buy an adaptor.
  • Boat Anchor - Sewing machine a little past recovery
  • Captain - boss of the TreadleOn ship - originally Captain Dick Wightman, now in the capable hands of his Captainette Cindy Peters and sundry scurvy deck-swabbers
  • Frankentreadle - one made from parts from two or more manufacturers (antique dealers call this a "bad marriage")
  • Free - either a machine brand, or very cheap.. Try not to confuse the two
  • Green Onion - a newcomer
  • Hand Crank - a sewing machine worked by waving your right arm in small circles
  • Mini-TOGA - See TOGA, but smaller.. Any meeting of two or more Onions on a formal or informal basis for the purposes of sewing machines or eating
  • MUTT - Multi Use Treadle Top, a boon to those with small houses and large collections
  • Needle - pointed stabby thing that goes up and down
  • Oscillating Hook - Machine with a round bobbin where the hook makes a forward-and-back motion to make the stitch.. Very common, see the Singer 15, 66, and 99 for details
  • Onion - TreadleOn member. Originally this was a game, called Olde TreadleOnia, and the players were TreadleOnians. As almost no-one is consistent in spelling online, this became TreadleOnions, and it stuck. Shortened to Onions almost at once
  • PP - People Powered - machines run by feet, hands or mental strength
  • Pony Express - Onions working together to transport a sewing machine from one location to another
  • Purple Onion - one injured by a sewing machine in the course of shifting, sewing, or admiring same
  • Red Onion - one embarrassed by asking a silly question - Or - one in debt due to spending freely on machines
  • Rotary - a machine with a round bobbin where the hook rotates in full circles. Best-known example is the Singer 201
  • Side-clamper - Standard Singer attachment system, commonly now used by most manufacturers.. See Back-clamper for comparison
  • Sweet Onion - particularly helpful member (sometimes "sweet Vidalia Onion")
  • Squishie - Soft envelope containing exchanged TOBE blocks which arrives excitingly in one's mailbox
  • Tailed - Of a sewing machine, one with a wire attached to the wall and/or a motor
  • TOBE - TreadleOn Block Exchange. Members make quilt blocks in sets on their PP machines, send to a hostess, and get others back in return.. Usually the blocks are signed with the name of the person and the machine involved.. Several of these take place each year, of varying difficulty
  • TOGA - TreadleOn Gathering And Academy - a meeting, formal or informal, of Onions, for eating, sewing, and fettling. See HERE for more details
  • TOOT - TreadleOn Off Topic - (Cat and cooking posts)
  • Treadle - a sewing machine worked by wobbling the feet
  • Treadle Butcher - One who makes tables, tractors, and fences from treadle irons, usually throwing away the heads.. Shoot on sight
  • TS - Transverse Shuttle - usually (but not always) a machine where the shuttle is boat-shaped and travels from side to side.. A good example is the Singer 12 "New Family"
  • VF - Vertical Feed. A machine which needs no walking foot. Usually Davis
  • VS - Vibrating Shuttle - usually a machine with a bullet-shaped shuttle which travels back and forth, see TS for comparison. Good examples are the Singer model 27 or 28
  • Walking Foot - a contraption which helps to feed multiple layers of fabric, as in quilting, by means of little teeth on the underside of the foot. Helps to prevent the top layers "walking" off the under layers. Not everyone likes these, but I do..

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