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How To Join The Treadleon Email List, to join in the Conversation

Hello There

The Treadle On Email list has been transferred from its Yahoo address. It is now a .IO Group.
The Administrator is Cindy Peters, aka The Captainette.
If you wish to continue your participation in Treadle On, you must enroll in the new group (the Yahoo group will be closed real soon).
Here are instructions on doing that:

When you join, if we recognise your name, it's all easy. Otherwise you may be on moderation for a couple of posts just to ensure you aren't a spammer.

If you have problems getting signed onto the new IO Groups List - PLEASE, EMAIL Helen DIRECTLY at

When posting, PLEASE continue to use Plain Text. It may or may not make a difference but we're still experiencing some problems with the oddball characters showing up when posts are not done in Plain Text.

NOW - since you've 'thoroughly read' this post (you HAVE, right???), please go to: and click on the 'Join this Group' button.

NOTE - although the IO Group may look like the others you already post to, we are trying to keep it simple.. For now, there will be no Photo Albums, Files, or other uploads from anyone except the admin people.. If you want to show off your machines, take an account with an image hosting site (Flickr etc.) and post a link to the group in an email.. Possibly later, we will have another think..

OK - bring it on!! Love y'all and sincere thanks to the Captain for entrusting this wonderful group to me!!

Cindy Peters, Stitches in Time

Join the Email Group

Rules of Behavior and Code of Conduct for Treadle On