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NO FLAMING ~ NO ARGUMENTS All posts should be positive in nature. That is THE Prime Directive! This mean NO politics, religion or other controversial topics!!

All messages must be in plain text. (Note: this is good web manners anyway... non-plain text messages, i.e. those with fancy fonts, graphics, backgrounds, etc, take up tremendously greater band width and are, quite frankly, a pain in the patoot.)

Do not mention open auctions, or items available on online "buy/sell and trading sites", or announce that you are going to put something up for auction, etc. If a machine or item is of general interest, you may post it after the auction/sale has ended.

Any objections to anything personal should be handled personally, i.e. not on the list. This includes any disagreements between list members, between list members and sellers on other venues, etc. If something unhappy is going on in another group, PLEASE leave it there!! We want only positive and helpful vibes on list messages. Also, remember, as a rule, most email squabbles tend to be based on misunderstanding due to the medium... no tonal inflections, rapid communications (hitting "send" before thinking"), etc. Ignoring most things is usually the best answer. What you thought you read or inferred was probably not what the sender meant, or how they meant it.

Avoid repeating whole messages with your response! Most mail programs have an option that automatically strips the previous message. If you need to include a reference, copy and paste only as much as you need. Roughly half of TO members are on digest and, with our volume of traffic, these repeats can be a real problem.

Try to stay on topic. We aren't fanatics about this, and often have off comment threads, but be aware and when they seem to be going on at some length, be willing to let them die without adding that one more comment. Should you post something that is clearly off topic, begin its title with "TOOT", acronym for "Treadle On Off Topic". If too much off topic traffic is occurring, or if some particular thread seems to be going on too long, Cindy Peters may rear up and say, "Knock it off!", but that doesn't happen too often.

Keep your postings friendly and welcoming. Do NOT post a personal requirement for everyone else to follow. You may suggest ways to make this group more fun/friendly for all, but you may not order it. This is a family, a community, and we're neighbors. Treat others with respect, and don't post anything that you yourself wouldn't like to receive. Don't post anything that you wouldn't want to share with your child, your mother or, if you attend church, your pastor/priest. Here again, your List Master (Both the Captain & Cindy) come from a boating background, and will insist on running a tight ship!

If you dislike/are tired of a subject, either delete it, or ignore it & scroll on past. The list doesn't want to hear about it. If you "have" to complain, do so to Cindy directly ( .

Do not post ANY virus warnings. 99.99% of them are bogus. If you really feel that it's important, send the warning to Cindy. If I agree, I'll post it.

Remember that everyone's human, everyone will make mistakes, and everyone has had need of forgiveness at one time or another. Apply when/where needed.

NO chain mail. NO "pyramid" schemes NO SPAMMING!!

NO commercial advertising. We do have a Flea Market for personal listings, and a page where folks who operate small businesses of interest to our activity can list themselves. These areas are on the web site, follow the links.

Please avoid "yes, me too" and "I agree" type messages unless a survey is being taken or you have something substantive to add.

If possible use a signature line that includes your email address and your location (city and state is adequate). Having your location tells people where you are, which can be useful if you ask for help or post about finding a machine available somewhere... folks can tell if you are within driving distance of them.

Please post your replies to any questions to the list(unless personal), so we all may learn.

Please let your friends know about our group, and how/where to sign up.. we'd love to have them, too! Cindy Peters, Stitches in Time
914 North High Street, Lake City MN 55041

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