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What is a TOBE? Well, you are all going to want to actually use your machines, and this is a way to get to know them and your fellow Onions by making quilt blocks (sometimes other things too) and exchanging them amongst yourselves.
You make a set or sets as described by the co-ordinator, send in one or more sets, get the same number of blocks back.

TOBEs run several times a year, with different blocks and different hosts. These good people get all your squishy parcels in, rearrange to contents, send them back out, you open and exclaim with delight - work done..!

Sometimes there are also one-on-one direct exchanges, where you each make an item and swap.. These usually have an overseer too, to make sure you all behave.
And blocks are often exchanged at TOGAs too

Any problems with the TOBE, please contact your host/hostess.
Problems with instructions or this page and to list a

See below for links to instructions for the regular blocks we use, and here is the schedule... Want to add one? Email me

2018 TOBEs

What:- Spring Basic. It will be the 4 patch block.

Number of blocks in a set is 8
Maximum number of sets is 4

When:- Mail by dates are April 27, 2018 for USA, and one week earlier for all others.
Host:- Cheryl in Illinois

Blocks to be made on a people powered sewing machine. Easy Peasy, so, all those that haven't sewn much can join this exchange.

What:- Chocolate 9 Patch Block Exchange
9 1/2" unfinished 9 patch blocks (3.5" squares, with the 'chocolate' color on the 4 outside corners and as the middle block).

Use colors of chocolate (milk chocolate to dark chocolate) and add in other colors that are in different chocolate candies (mint, raspberry, peanut butter, caramel, strawberry, almonds, etc). (Any other 'flavors' you can come up with???)

How Many:- Numbers of Blocks in a set: 8
Max number of sets to ship: 4

Mail by dates:- International, May 6, 2018, USA, May 12, 2018

Host:- Cheryl Parker, 2552 Mount Vernon Ct, Aurora, IL 60503-5666

Further information:- Instead of signing your block, include a matching square (non-chocolate color) that is signed. Attach this signed 3.5" square to your block (best by doing a tiny stitch that isn't knotted, so that the block can be removed easily by the person who receives the block, like a basting stitch). This way, these signed blocks can be added to the back of your quilt, and you will still know who made each block.

What:- Fall Basic
6 1/2" unfinished Half Square Triangle blocks

How Many:- Numbers of Blocks in a set: 8
Max number of sets to ship: 4

Mail by dates:- International, October 18; 2018, USA, October 24, 2018

Host:- Lori in West Maryland

Further information:- Use different fabrics for each set, please

Useful Information

Note - these mostly open as .pdf documents; download these to your computer for reference, please
Signing Blocks
Mailing Blocks


Rail Fence
Half-square Triangles
Trail to Treadleonia (Mary's Triangles)