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Please note:

This page is for mutual meeting and mingling.. If you find a contact here, it means the person is willing to talk to you; possibly help with your problems, and certainly chew any amount of metaphorical fat over the doings of the Vintage People-Powered sewing machine fanatics brigade community.
And possibly get-together to sew or whatever

You don't have to be an expert, just friendly or lonely

It does not mean that anyone here can or will value your machine, mend it for free, or put up with any silliness..
So, don't.

Please send your listings with a general area (town and state) and an email contact only to Helen Howes at:, just as you would any other Flea Market listing, and they will be posted here.
Alphabetical by state, followed by International contacts.. For now we have
I live in Grass Valley, California USA, and I love antique and vintage sewing machines, especially tinkering with them and coaxing them back out of retirement, whenever possible.
I am willing to meet for coffee, lunch or whatever...
there has to be at least one other "onion" somewhere up here in the Foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains!
In God's Service, Bernie
'Son Of A Singer Man'
Bernard Pokorski
John Wrobel
1012 San Benito St.
Hollister, CA 95023
831 637 3216
Good morning. I am an insatiable tinkerer. If It can be taken apart and figured out how it works, I will tinker with it. Have been tinkering with sewing machines for several years.
It is big fun to take a crusty old machine, clean off the gunk, oil it up good, get it sewing and play with it some. My wife complains that I/we have too many sewing machines, even though they all work.

Please announce us as Arkansas Onions of Western Grove Arkansas population 407.
God Bless us everyone.
We own & operate a quilt shop, specializing in vintage sewing machines. A lot of days we spend with fellow machine collectors (not making any money), but enjoying the merits of vintage machines.
Always open to a machine conversation. And we have wonderful stash of Suzie's material & some of it is for sale.
God bless all the best
Rick & Suzie White
RT. 1 Box 282-A
Western Grove, AR. 72685

Nita Moore and family. Goshen, Indiana. I like to play with old sewing machines. I use my crank 201 for stitching on my quilts BC it's so easy to control precisely. I'd be happy to meet other ladies who need help fixing up their sewing machine! Always learning! Blessings!
Juanita Moore
Eastern MA (Boston/Cambridge/Needham region)
Anne Marie Dwyer
Mid-Mighigan area
Cathy Gaupel
Here in mid-Michigan we usually have a meeting of 'Saturday Crankers' on the 4th Saturday of the month at The Hen House in Charlotte, MI. We welcome new hand crankers and esp those who would like to learn more about cranking. We sew, shop, drink, eat, talk, laugh and totally have fun!

We especially welcome people who never have or have only given thought to do hand cranking! We're finding that once we show people how easy, quiet and relaxing it is and they try it, they are hooked! (We were all beginners once, too!). Usually there are a couple of hand cranks ready to sell, and we teach you how to care for your machine which is very simple.

Shoot me an email and if you have questions that I can't answer, there are enough hand crankers out here who would be able to come up with the answer.
Happy Cranking!
Cathy Gaupel

Western Maryland, South Central PA, West Virginia Panhandle
Lori Sutton
We have locally the Minn/Wisc Sewing Machine Junkies which meets about once a month for lunch in the Mpls/St Paul Metro Area.
Here's the Yahoo Group for us:
There's no real set schedule but usually on a Tuesday at 1pm.
If out of town Onions are going to be in the area, they should contact me - we can work around their schedule so we can all meet them!
Sue Werkmeister
Maywood, NE
Located half way between McCook and North Platte in south west Nebraska. Not much contact with other onions out here in the boonies but would like to meet other enthusiasts if passing thru.

Cindy Peters, Stitches in Time
914 No High St, Lake City, MN 55041
Northern Ohio
Between Cleveland and Akron in city of Aurora
I would love to meet fellow onions
Judy Chase
North-Eastern Illinois
Susan Sobon

Tryon, NC
Alice Neal
Charleston, South Carolina
Donnita Cook
Eastern Tennessee
located south of Knoxville
Maria H. Goetz
Walland TN
Normandy TN
Libby Barnett
Love to sew, love sewing machines, love their history. Treadle girls include 2 Singers, Damascus, Wilcox & Gibbbs, and a Wheeler & Wilson No3. I also have a singer hand crank.

Philadelphia PA.
Emily Hitchner
Would love to meet other onions and help others.
South Central PA area (Gettysburg/Chambersburg region)
Kathi Desko
Middle TN (south of Nashville):
Diane Lowe (Di in TN)

The Cranky Treadlers meet on the 3rd Monday of every month. We meet at 6:30pm at the Salvation Army Meeting Room on King Street in Greenville, TX, about 30 miles east of Dallas.
Visitors are always welcome.
For info on please email
"May your seam ripper gather dust"
North-East TX TOGA
Lynn Paul, Toledo, WA (between Seatac and Portland), and roving in the Semi Truck with my Hand Crank!
South Central Wisconsin
Bob & Anne Oelke
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Christine Carey

Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. South of Wheeling, WV.
Donna Ferrell
NE Wisconsin, Shawano area
Gail Richter

England UK : Fareham, Portsmouth and South Coast Area
Anne Parker
Would love to meet up to discuss, show and use machines.
England, UK: Norfolk, Suffolk and Parts East,
Helen Howes
I have a big workshop suitable for meetings, I teach, lecture, support, and publish about old machines, and sew every day on a treadle

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