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Please note:

Any of you who have upcoming Togas or similar events that would be of interest to Onions, send your listings to Helen Howes at: , just as you would any other Flea Market listing, and they will be posted here. Some of these events are pretty far out on the timeline and arrangements are still being made, but just knowing what the plans are can help you plan for next year. Contact the sponsors for details.

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The Year End Quilts (and More) Show 2016

is HERE for your delectation
Go enjoy!
Many thanks to all for their hard work on these..

and the 2015 Show is still available HERE

The 8th Annual Treadle On Gathering and Academy meeting for North Dakota

will be on Saturday, August 26th, 2017. If you wish to come the day before the store is open until 5:30 on Fridays and lodging close by is available.

Once again we will meet In Mayville, North Dakota at Faye's Henhouse Quilts, 37 Center Ave North, 58257. Her phone is 701 786 3790 and her email address is

This TOGA will be hosted by Nancy Drew, Clifford, North Dakota. ( 701.488.2554 and 701.430.1409 (cell).

Faye's Henhouse will let us use her large class room in the back of the store. We have to pay 5.00 per person to use the area but there are no other charges. Faye has wonderful lighting, 15 tables, ironing boards and even cutting tables with mats to be used if you wish to sew. We will have space for show and tell, buying and trading and cleaning and tinkering with our machines. I hope to see you there.

Saturday- Breakfast on your own. Toga starts at 9:30 a.m.
(The store opens at 9 a.m.)
Lunch when we get hungry, Or order Pizza or bring something. Dinner after the store closes at 5:30.

Hope to see you there, Nancy Drew

The 17th Annual River Rat TOGA

will be Sept 14-17 here in Lake City, Minnesota - love to have you all and NOW is the time to make lodging reservations!!
We're a bit of a Resort Town, particularly in Summer & Fall.
More complete info will be posted here:

Cindy Peters, Stitches in Time
914 No High St, Lake City MN 55041

Arkansas TOGA

is Oct 5-8, 2017, in Mena, Ar.
Thursday Oct 5 is a fabric shopping day at the Bargain Shack in Poteau.
We usually meet up in Mena and then carpool or caravan to Poteau which is just under an hour away in Oklahoma.
The Bargain Shack carries a nice selection of quilting cottons, as well as some garment and upholstery fabrics.

Friday through Sunday we work on and with the machines, including a few tailed types. We have a Yahoo group called Arkansas Treadlers & TOGA, and I am seeking those who want to do a few demos for the TOGA.
Accommodations range from campgrounds to motels and B&Bs.

Stephanie P

Special Yahoo Groups for TOGA information: